Tuesday, November 6, 2012


PeopleFood is...
...healthy food for kids and non-hippies! They will never know that they just tanked up on vitamins, minerals, fiber and omega 3's! They won't know they just ate their veggies, nor need they ever know!

PeopleFood is in the business of making healthy food easy and fun! We are currently taking lunch orders for small schools, workplaces and home events...like Tuesday night's dinner.

We deliver our crispy flaxseed chicken nuggets and tilapia nuggets with chef's choice of brilliant steamed veggies and dipping sauces of homemade ketchup, Mitre Peak dressing (West TX ranch dip), and black currant chutney.

For dessert, try our bite-sized chocolate truffles (sweetened with zero- glycemic and zero-wierd-aftertaste Lakanto, they are utterly decadent, references upon request)!

$12 per person for nuggets (9), steamed veggies and dipping sauces
$  6 per person Organic baby greens salad w/vinaigrette (chef-selected toppings)
$  6 per person bowl of soup du juor  (chef’s choice of tomato-basil, butternut squash, bouillabaisse, mexico chicken)
$12 per person for blue plate du juor (chef’s choice of meatloaf, lemon-zested brussel sprouts with fried potatoes and quinoa pilaf, pan-seared fresh-catch with steamed buttered spinach, quinoa curry, etc)

Truffles are .50 each, or $5 for a baker's dozen.

$50 minimum order, 72 hour notice, please!
Delivery available to areas close to and within I-610.  We can arrange something. 

To contact Hannah at PeopleFood, please call:
or email to Hannah.peoplefood@gmail.com